The beauty of hand-drawn maps has never been surpassed and they are part of a long tradition of cartography going back to the Middle Ages. Several of the calligraphic maps illustrated have been commissioned by authors who seek elegance in the presentation of visual material in their books. Other maps here are computer-generated but continue to draw on the calligraphic tradition. Please click on the images for enlarged views.

‘Fleet Street in de Worde's Day’ for Wynkyn de Worde: Father of Fleet Street by James Moran republished by The British Library, London 2003 (Gerald Fleuss)

One of a series of twenty coastal maps for The Safeguard of the Seas: A Naval History of Britain Vol1 660­1649 by NAM Rodger. HarperCollins, 1997 (Patricia Gidney and Gerald Fleuss)

Trial map, line only, of Ealing for Pevsner’s Buildings of England 2nd series (Patricia Gidney and Gerald Fleuss)

Map of Pakistan for Asia House for an exhibition of Oriental Art [Computer generated] (Gerald Fleuss)


Isometric map of Ditchling for Website homepage [Computer generated] (Gerald Fleuss)

Map of Ditchling (Gerald Fleuss)



GERALD FLEUSS AND PATRICIA GIDNEY One of a series of chapter pages for a retirement book (Sir Colin Southgate of EMI)


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